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We’ve compiled a selection of the most frequently asked questions about heat pumps and heat pump installation for you.

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What is a heat pump?
Can a heat pump work with my solar panels?
How does a heat pump work?
Where would I put my heat pump?
How will my heat pump be zero carbon?
A lot of people say heat pumps don't work properly, is this true?
Can a heat pump run on a variable tariff?
Is there a grant available for a heat pump installation?
I live in a flat, can I install a heat pump?
Do I need to change my existing radiators?
My house is old and not that well insulated, will a heat pump still work?
How would I control the temperature of my house?
What effect on run cost does having double glazing, cavity wall or loft insulation have?
It gets very cold where I live, will a heat pump work?
Why not just use an electric heater instead of a heat pump?
Is a heat pump installation difficult?
I have storage heaters, can I install a heat pump?
Do I need an underfloor system for a heat pump to work properly?
What kind of servicing will a heat pump require?
Are heat pumps expensive to run?
What happens if my heat pump goes wrong?
Are heat pumps noisy?
How can I know which heat pump would be best for my house?
How many years will a heat pump last for?
Will a heat pump effectively warm my house when the temperature outside drops below zero?
What is a high temperature heat pump?
Will my shower get piping hot?
Is a high temperature heat pump expensive to buy or run?
Can I cool my home with a heat pump?
Does a heat pump supply enough hot water?
Does a heat pump system require a hot water cylinder?
What is an EPC?
Do I need to upgrade my power supply to three-phase?
Can I keep my current hot water cylinder?
Can I replace my boiler with a heat pump?
Can a hot water cylinder be situated horizontal in a loft space?
Does my garden need to be dug up to install a heat pump?
Can a hot water cylinder be situated outside?
Does my property need to be built to passive standards, with a recirculation system, in order to take advantage of a heat pump?
I have a solar thermal tank, can I use it with a heat pump?
Can a battery power a heat pump?
Can three separate properties be served by one heat pump and a single cylinder?
I have an AGA, can I also have a heat pump?
Is a hydrogen boiler better than a heat pump?
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