Decarbonising homes & businesses with the power of renewables

Heat Pump
Learn more about the future of renewable energy home heating.
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Solar Array
See how harnesing the power of the sun can help reduce your dependance on the grid.
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Battery Storage
Find out how battery storage can help your solar array work more efficiently.
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EV Charge Point
Learn about our electric vehicle charge point installation service.
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Find out how Kinectid’s decarbonising technology system can improve your home with our easy-to-use configurator


Planet-Focused; People-Run

Kinectid is working to decarbonise homes and businesses. And we believe that we are stronger, better, and more effective together. That’s why we are a carbon-negative, certified B Corporation, majority-owned by its employees.

We will never place profit before people and planet and will continue to make decarbonisation of energy easier and more accessible across.

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