Home EV charger: investing in peace of mind

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A dedicated home charging station can improve peace of mind, regularity, and convenience for charging your electric vehicle. Kinectid has selected home charging stations from leading manufacturers to guarantee dependability and quality. These charging stations for off-street parking accommodate most electric vehicles, can be wall-mounted, and are weatherproof.


Ready when you are

Electric car charging at home means you can plug in overnight, ensuring your vehicle is ready when you are. Your home EV charger automatically stops charging when your battery reaches full, or the recommended preset level, so you never have to worry about damage from overcharging.

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Convenience and quality

The selected EV charge points were designed with the highest of convenience in mind, to ensure ease of use and peace of mind.

  • Accommodates most electric vehicles
  • Weatherproof for outside installation
  • Dedicated onsite charging location for routine and consistency
  • Varying cord lengths to adapt for your specific location
  • Overnight charging setting for automatic shut off and lower electric rates
  • Wall-mounted, with a sleek design for accessibility and location adaptability
  • Professional installation in under 4 hours, with experts on site to advise and answer questions
  • Integrates into a larger renewable energy system, for even more savings and eco-friendly potential

Ready to see what renewable technologies will work for your home? Check out our quick and easy configurator below.


Integrated renewable energy technologies

Investing in an electric vehicle is already a green commitment. When selecting Kinectid as your choice for a home charging point installation, you have an opportunity to go even greener: integrated energy solutions for your home to charge your vehicle with the sun.

Interested to learn how to get a carbon neutral home with integrated energy solutions?

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