Air Source Heat Pump Training Course

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Are you a surveyor or a heat engineer curious about gaining expertise in heat pumps?

This Air Source Heat Pump Training Course has no prerequisites and is for anyone looking for foundational knowledge in heat pumps.

As a basic introduction to the heat pump field, trainees can expect to learn the fundamentals of heat pumps, the process of conducting heat loss surveys and designing ASHP systems, as well as information to pursue MCS accreditation, for those that wish to continue expanding their expertise.

This is a 2-day online course on Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Surveys, and MCS accreditation.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of heat pumps: what they do and how they work
  • How to conduct heat loss surveys and technical site surveys
  • How to size and design an ASHP system
  • The basics of MCS accreditation
  • The basics of Solar Thermal installations

Cost to Enrollees:

£110+vat per day per candidate


2-day online workshops from 9am to 4pm with breaks for lunch and tea.


The course curriculum covers heat loss calculations and surveys, heat pump theory and installation, solar thermal fundamentals, and offers support to those who wish to gain MCS accreditation



Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, candidates will:

  • understand the types and application of heat pump systems
  • be familiar with the relevant regulations, standards, and requirements relating to practical installation, testing, and commissioning activities for heat pump installation
  • be capable of surveying a property to produce heat loss calculations, and design and dimension a heat pump system
  • understand the health and safety risks, as well as safe systems of work associated with heat pump system installation
  • know how the performance of a heat pump system is measured
  • be able to apply for MCS accreditation

This course has no prerequisites and may benefit:

  • Non-MCS accredited installers in plumbing and heating companies that wish to add heat pumps to their portfolio and learn how to become both MCS accredited, and Trustmark registered
  • EPC assessors that wish to be able to carry out heat loss calculations and heat pump specific surveys on behalf of installers
  • Heat pump suppliers and distributors
  • Air conditioning companies considering heat pumps for their portfolio
  • Support staff for installers
  • Apprentice plumbers
  • Community energy groups, landlords, councils, and housing association staff

Spaces for this course are limited, so early registration is advised.

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